Animal Welfare Policy

Policy Statement

This policy covers any animal-based materials used in our products. All animal derived materials must be sourced from farms with good animal husbandry. All animal based products or synthetic materials which appear like animal products are labelled as faux in the product description to evade any misunderstanding.

We sometimes use the below listed animal materials in our products under the following conditions. When we do, we only work with suppliers who provide us with information that lets us trace their supply chain down to the farms.


  • Leather or skin products:

All leather must be a by-product of the meat industry and slaughtered in a humane way. It can never be obtained from live skinning or live boiling, or from aborted, exotic, wild-caught or endangered animals. It must come from farms with good animal husbandry, preferably with an accreditation from a recognised body, and we may require these documents for audit purposes.

  • Feather/down: 

We not use any real down, feathers and decoration feathers in the production our goods instead use synthetic alternatives.   

  • Wool, including mohair and alpaca:

We only use wool originating from farms with good animal husbandry. We are strictly against the practice of mulesing and don’t accept wool from farms that expose the animal to suffering as a result of this practice. Animals should not suffer pain induced by inappropriate management, live plucking, handling, slaughter, or surgical procedures.

  • Endangered Species: 

New Age Rebel will never use anything from the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) or IUCN (International Union for the conservation of Nature) lists in a product.

  • Materials made of animal hair: 

We only accept hair from living animals, including cow, buffalo, yak, horse, goat, pig and alpaca when this is sourced from farms with good animal husbandry as per our definition.  No vulnerable or endangered species must be used.

  • Domestic poultry, farmed species such as cows, sheep and pig
  • Fish: 

should be sustainably farmed/caught.

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