London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week is one of the most influential fashion shows in the world. It's almost guaranteed that each year there will be some groundbreaking new trend, designer or latest must have that will be unveiled at London Fashion Week. 

It sparks creative ideas from all around the world, from world renowned names to homegrown up and coming designers. This year at LFW there has been numerous new trends emerging from ruffles and frills to sequins and high collared garments, oversized coats and much more. 

Let's start with ruffles and frills. JW Anderson, who is now being regarded as one of London's most innovative fashion brands, has presented a collection laced with frills and ruffles in most of his selection. These bold and daring designs are set to take off in a big way throughout the year. Have a look at some of his collection below:

This small collection of many of JW Anderson's London Fashion Week collection shows the femininity of ruffles and flower-esque designs but with bold and brash prints and designs, shaking up the norm and creating different and interesting ideas and combinations, bound to become popular over the coming months. 

Another highly celebrated designer this year has been Alexander Lewis. He has created these striking looks through his usual style of raw energy and power. He's created these different looks which symbolise the power of women but also celebrate the femininity throughout these styles. The stunning leather jacket rebellious outfit shows a casual look that is still very much in your face and creates a powerful image. The dress and the two piece are both created with bold designs and prints. The silver trousers show a continuation of the metallic trend and create a stylish outfit that still feels effortless. This collection is modern, easy to wear and effortlessly cool.

Mulberry showcased this lovely high collared cocktail dress. Throughout LFW high necked garments have been particularly popular. Mulberry have shown this beautiful ruffled cocktail dress creating elegance and attitude. High necked outfits are set to be popular this year, creating an elegant and bold look. 

These are some of our favourite collections from this years fashion show. Browse our new collection and get the look with New Age Rebel.



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