It's just, a little blush!

It's just, a little blush!
As we move into spring, it's clear to see there's one trend that fashion designers and celebrities alike can't get enough of and that's the wonderful neutral colour that is blushing pink one of its many names. 

The light pink variations have been popping up for the last year or so, but it seems these easy to wear and flattering shades are here to stay in 2016!

Here's some of our favourites at the New York Fashion Show:

Christian Dior:
Natasha  Zinko:
And some of our favourite celebs rocking blush at the Golden Globes:
However you want to wear it, it's clear to see that blush is not going away any time soon.
Get on board with the trend with our blush collections, click the image below to view our range: 

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